what we do

The Mission

As a member of the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild (0vwg.org) I adhere to their mission of providing education and information to people interested in the art and craft of woodturning.

The Guild supports these goals  in the community by providing demonstrations in schools and other regional venues and by holding Open Houses where members provide woodturning demonstrations. 

Guild Activities

The Guild is involved in providing education to local youth by conducting a week long session each summer as well as having special mentoring for interested youth.  

Other activities include donations to organizations and events which support people and community activities.  The Guild has donated to the Beads of Courage program at the local Children’s Hospital, to the Empty Bowls event which raises funds for food banks and to the Pens for Troops and Pens for Local Responders.

Our Basic Goals

  • Provide a meeting location for woodturners
  • Share ideas related to woodturning
  • Exchange wood and other woodturning materials
  • Inform members about activities of interest to woodturners
  • Promote woodturning as an art and craft
  • Fulfill all of the requirements of a non-profit organization